The Demon King & His Elite
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accidentally saying something mean to one of your dearest friends


accidentally saying something mean to anyone


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Nancy Drew PC Games inspired starters;
"It's locked."
"I've fought imaginary elves that were stronger than you!"
"With that amount of swagger you'd think he'd invented sand."
"Fight the power!"
"Never trust the cute ones, they know what they can get away with."
"Who taught you how to drive? Was it the stupidest dog on earth? Because that's what it looks like!"
"I was naughty, but from now on, i'll be nice. I promise."
"Your secret is safe with me. Along with your heart."
"Your boyfriend's cute, and you were in the clink. I think I'm blameless here."
"Wow, I do not care about that problem."
"I may have to cut this short, Hal. Someone just climbed out of my wardrobe."
"I'm not into pushy girls. Do me a favor. Go bother someone else."
"In case you hadn't noticed I'm totally off subject here."
"One more thing, you smoke?"
"What happened to your mother?"
"Ideas aren't dangerous until you try to bottle them up."
"I fell for her like a Black Tuesday banker."
"My faith in her is stronger than my fear for her."
"I wanted to be her when I grew up. But then one day I was older than my older sister, and older still today."
"Be a little good, be a little bad, be who you are."
"I like watching travelers. Trying to imagine the worlds they carry with them in their little head."
"Aliens are here. We're all Aliens. Earth started with bacteria on asteroids."
"Shouldn't I have some big life plan? Everyone else does!"
"Your mind is like a ravenous monkey, gobbling up every banana in it's path."
"I called you because you're a skeptic."
"If they ever make procrastination a crime, I'm done for."
"The man has no talent."
"Just make sure you're not sticking your neck out for someone who doesn't deserve your trust!"
"Stuff. I want stuff. New stuff that's just like this old stuff, but different."
"I wasn't sure if you were at a party or had gotten murdered! Either way it would've been nice to have been invited!"
"Sweet as the smell of fried chicken."
"The worst monsters are self made."
"Where's your youthful cynicism?"
"That's pretty philosophical for a guy wearing boots."
"I'm running away now. Please don't tell anyone which way I went."
"There's nothing like love to bring order to a scattered world."
"I can't believe I'm praying for a ransom note to show up."
"That girl doesn't deserve you."
"Everything's okay... Ow never mind, everything is a problem. Call the hospital."
"Ghosts are just what happen when guilty people let their imagination run wild."
"It was a mistake. I screwed up and I accept responsibility."
"I don't know why you feel the need to stick your big, fat nose where it doesn't belong."
"Do you dare mock the supernatural?"
"Dead languages aren't really my bag."
"I don't know if I'm going crazy, or I'm already there."
"I've always felt out of step with the world."
"Met officially? What with papers and a stamp?"
"The whale is getting impatient."
"I just wanted to tell you that I've always--!"
"Talking to him is like trying to converse with a giant turnip."
"You can't keep everyone safe. No matter how hard you try."
"A ghost doesn't need to be real to haunt you."
"Its... Good to see you two back together."
"You are more precious to me than 10,000 treasures put together."
"But nothing is as good as getting a letter from you."
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• 1. burning your muse’s dinner
• 2. finding a cockroach

» Burning the child’s dinner:

It had been a long day since he had to attend a private meeting with the main three kingdoms that were very loyal to him, signing papers here and there, letter shoved down his throat as more seemed to shower down from the messengers.

But nothing made him feel at ease than to spend his time with Red, the young boy he had took under his wing and in turn fell for the little goof.

Today, he was cooking for the boy. Something about today seemed off as he snapped his fingers as he remembered that he needed eggs for the recipe. Maybe he shouldn’t have left the pot of vegetables on while searching for the eggs that were always switched and swapped into different compartments. He rummaged through the boxes, the cupboards, the drawers, the baskets, etc..,

"Where are those damn eggs?-…what smells like- SHIT!!"

The demon dropped everything he had in his hands to see a pot filled with smoke that soon stained the air. Oh how he truly felt like crap since he wasn’t the kind of cook to burn food while distracted.

"Uh, Red! Do you want to go eat somewhere? I kind of…burned the food!…" A turn to the left and he saw Ika arching a brow as he motioned to the messy floor.

There were the eggs.

"Yeah, Red! Grab your jacket, we’re going out to eat."

» The cockroach

The demon had woken up before the small bundle beside him that lay on his bed. The boy slumbered peacefully and rolled on the opposite direction of the King. The kid was darn cute, but he wouldn’t admit that at this moment.

The king carefully sat up and stretched as it had always been due to his schedule being the same. Today, however, was a free day for him because he made it happen. His sons would be the ones to take care of the paperwork problem so he could relax and delay his frustration tantrum.

Placing his feet on the ground, he sighed in content at the contact with the cool surface. The quirky demon hummed happily as he stood up and rubbed at his eyes, stretching afterwards and then turning to look at his open closet. He walked over to the closet and opened it wider and that’s where everything turned upside down.

Sure he was a demon. A demon King who had fought many battles, won over many kingdoms and territories. Hell, he skated three violent dragons, went against an ancient breed of kings and he was immortal. Even so…

He hated the sight of a long creature, brown and six legged. When stepped on, it crunched. If unlucky, it would fly at you…

Unfortunately, life decided to screw him over and throw the very creature he despised at him.

Or rather, IT decided to spread its ugly little wings and aim straight for him.

"NO!!" The demon shrieked as he ducked from the flight of the insect, he screamed as it aimed for him again. The demon dodged and ducked, rolled and threw things at the pesky creature until finally he threw one of his vases at it. Screw how much it was worth, it had done a damn good job of killing his worst nightmare.

He tried recovering from the adrenaline rush until he heard someone snicker. His Crimson orbs shifted to look at the very boy that had been asleep, or he thought to be asleep, had now started to laugh and roll around. Kai’s cheeks took a shade of red so dark that it would most definitely make him look comical.

"Ah!! You saw nothing!!!"


// LAWL This is so crappy eUe

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That’s a nice otp you got there 


burn this post

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Sexual Sunday Meme - NSFW
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"Well you know what? You can go take a trip to a road that is named ‘look at the fucks this man has’! I was only talking about this Passion flower and if you don’t fucking care about the flower you could’ve just said so instead of being a shit licking little fuck!" The demon hissed childishly at the rudeness that had been displayed to him. Seriously, who did they think they were to spit that out onto the demon.

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OOC: Before and after.

My colored pencils weren’t cooperating with me for the bottom of the bust drawing so eh.

Watercolor and colored pencils!!
I also added marker and it killed my favorite one OTL
I need to buy another packet of markers anyways . U .;

I hope it looks good!!

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OOC: It wouldn’t upload!!
But finally it did!

Anyways, I drew this an hour ago and yeah.
I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to draw something Dynasty Warriors related uwu

But yeah, this design came to mind. It looked really terrible, but I hope it’s decent now.

I may need to fix up Kai’s horns and redesign them because I can’t seem to draw them the same way I did one time. u n u

Materials used for drawing:
Ball point pen
Sharpie Pen
Colored pencils
Red and blue marker

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